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Jersey City CREATE Charter School security guard under indictment on sex charges (The Jersey Journal, March 18, 2010)

A security guard who worked at Jersey City's CREATE Charter School has been banned from the premises after The Jersey Journal learned he is under indictment on multiple sex offenses, officials said.
The security guard -- Messan Milevor, 22, of Randolph Avenue -- was indicted on Dec. 9 for criminal sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl.
He was additionally charged with attempted sexual assault, child abuse, luring or enticing a child and making terroristic threats, Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Najma Rana said…

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Schundler: CREATE Charter School in Jersey City will be closed June 30 (The Jersey Journal, March 02, 2010)

Acting state education commissioner and former Jersey City mayor Bret Schundler has confirmed the state is not renewing the charter for CREATE Charter School in Jersey City and the school will cease operations by June 30.

Schundler, who is awaiting a confirmation vote of the full Senate, said the wheels were put in motion to close the school way before Gov. Chris Christie appointed him education boss.

"The school has been under review for some time by the Department of Education," Schundler said this afternoon. "This is the end of that process."

The school opened as a high school in 2001 and was allowed by the Department of Education to expand to a middle school last year.

The school is run by former Jersey City Councilman Steve Lipski, who didn't run for re-election last year following an incident in November 2008 in which he urinated on concert-goers at a Grateful Dead Tribute Band concert in Washington, DC.

Lipski subsequently confessed to having a drinking problem and pledged to clean up his act. He could not be immediately reached about the closing of his school.

State Department of Education officials said they are making the letter sent to the school public this afternoon.

Stephen Stamos, board president of CREATE charter school released this statement this afternoon:

"The Board of Trustees of CREATE Charter School was notified yesterday, March 1, 2010, by newly appointed Acting Commissioner of Education, Bret Schundler, that its charter will not be renewed by the Department of Education, effective as of June 30, 2010.

"We believe the decision of the Acting Commissioner is incorrect on both factual and legal grounds. Accordingly the Board intends to continue discussions with the Department of Education and take whatever appropriate steps are advisable to insure the continued good work of CREATE."

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