Mastery Charter School

Charter school dean facing charges
(WPVI-TV, December 12, 2007)

A South Philadelphia charter school has been hit by a scandal that includes allegations of thievery and adultery.
Parents don't know what is more outrageous; the sordid details of the dean of students' alleged acts or the fact that school officials left them in the dark and have not as of yet told them anything about the whole thing.
He is 35-year-old Antonio Dandridge. Up until last week, he was the dean of students at the Thomas campus of the Mastery Charter School located at 9th and Johnston. That was, sources say, up until the married man was allegedly caught having sex with another woman in one of the school's offices. Janitors stumbled into the alleged tryst when they opened the door to clean the office.
Dandridge was forced to resign. But, the story doesn't end there. Authorities say he went back to the school over the weekend, not once, but twice to burglarize the place. In addition, Sgt. Brian Sprowal of the Philadelphia Police tells Action News, "It was captured on video tape and we have some still footage as well."
Danridge, who holds two masters degrees from Cheney University, allegedly stole roughly $2,500 in cash, some $3,000 in septa bus tokens and $750 in trans passes that are provided to under privileged children so they can get to and from school.
Police served a search warrant on Dandridge's West Philadelphia home. "As a result of serving that search warrant, we recovered approximately 90 to 95-percent of what was reported as taken in that burglary," says Sprowal.
Action News went to Dandridge's home where his wife told us he wasn't home, didn't know when he was coming back, or how to reach him. Dandridge was arrested on Monday, but as of Wednesday night, parents still had not been informed of what was going on.
The charter schools CEO tells us they were planning to inform parents this Friday. When asked if the parents should have been notified earlier, charter school CEO Scott Gordon said, "I think telling parents within 3 days, 3 or 4 days given the situation is appropriate."
Daindridge is out on bail on charges of burglary, receiving stolen property and related offenses.

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