Maya Angelou Public Charter School

Student injured by chair-wielding sub (Washington Post, May 18, 2010)

A seventh grader at Maya Angelou Public Charter School suffered a fractured ankle last week when a substitute teacher allegedly threw a chair at him during PE class. Lucretia Murphy, executive director of the See Forever Foundation, which operates the school, confirmed the incident, first reported Monday evening by Fox 5 news.

"There was a definite incident in which a substitute teacher did shove a chair toward a child," Murphy said. "That's completely inappropriate, so the substitute has been banned from the building."

Murphy declined to release the name of the teacher, who she said had worked at the school before without incident. She said a police investigation was underway.

According to the Fox 5 report, the-13-year-old student was shooting foul shots when the sub accused him of throwing jellybeans at him. As he denied it, the student said, the teacher picked up a chair.

"He grabbed it with two hands and threw it towards my way and I tried jumping over the chair and it hit the side of my ankle," he said. Video shows the ankle in a cast.

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