Family Life Academy Charter School


…The Family Life Academy CS is located in and financially inter-connected with a holistic ministry. The Family Life Academy CS is located inside a pastoral center, and pays the pastoral center more than $400,000 annually in rent. The pastoral center’s website features a bible and the charter school notes its strong commitment to service and community “through our practices and partnership” with the center. The pastor and the center’s treasurer are on the school’s board of trustees. The charter school’s audit notes the school’s principal is the wife of the pastoral center’s president…

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At some New York City charter schools, it's a family affair.

A Daily News investigation has found some charters hiring wives, husbands and children of school officials and board trustees as vendors, teachers aides and consultants…

Here's what The News' review found:…


This Bronx charter school hired the wife of a pastor whose nonprofit is paid to run the school.

The Rev. Raymond Rivera is also chairman of Family Life's board. His wife, Marilyn Calo, was hired as school principal and was paid $147,000 last school year, tax forms show.

The school also pays rent to Rivera's nonprofit, the Latino Pastoral Action Center, for its W. 170th St. building. Last year, Family Life shelled out $400,000.

"I do not vote or participate in board decisions regarding the Principal Marilyn Calo," Rivera wrote.


The Perimeter Primate said...

More Scrutiny for Charter Schools in Debate Over Expansion, May 25, 2010, The New York Times

And in the Bronx, the Family Life Charter School pays $400,000 annually to rent classroom space from the Latino Pastoral Action Center, a “Christ-centered holistic ministry” led by the Rev. Raymond Rivera. Mr. Rivera also happens to be the school’s founder…In the case of the Family Life Charter School in the Bronx, Mr. Rivera said the SUNY Charter Schools Institute had approved the plan for the school to rent the space from his ministry because the rent was below market value…“They assured us there was nothing illegal about it,” he said. “They’re using most of the space in the building now. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Anonymous said...

This school is fleecing the system,husband paying his wife's salary with taxpayer money, unheard of, they should be shut down permanently... & these people should be held accountable & in the least properly audited!!!

Anonymous said...

Check the performance of the students in the school, Check their surveys, talk to the parents of these students. Family Life Academy Charter School is one of the best in the Bronx. They have changed the life of many children and families. If this school was to shut down, these students would be left to go to those non caring, disruptive unorganized public schools. I myself am a parent and I am proud to say that my child is getting a great education and also getting in touch with her spiritual side. This is blessing, the Rev. Rivera and his wife has done nothing but give to this community. They spend long hours in the building finding new ways to make the community better. Focus on where the real crime is at, not here where children are getting a good education, families have where to go for outreach programs and the community has where to pray.

Anonymous said...

My daughter attended this school (my daughter just graduated from the 8th grade this past June). My son is going to the 8th grade now in Sept. I've had no issues with this school at all. My children are receiving a great education in a fantastic school (not too many schools in the Bronx can bear this 'fantastic' title)
I am even planning on getting my 4 year old into Kindergarten here next year. The staff are wonderful, very understanding and always calling to inform parents of events, fundraisers, child's progress and are very flexible. This school is a true blessing to this South Bronx Community.And i hope they open many more schools like this one.
Focus your attention on bigger issues like graduation rates in low performing junior high/ high schools and schools that have low performance grades!

Wind Beneath My Wings said...

The Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity and is not owned by Rev. Raymond Rivera or any other individual. Similarly FLACS is a NY approved public charter school and not owned by its Executive Director or any individual. Each entity is subject to the mandates of their respective Board of Directors.

Similarly, it should be noted that the Lease Agreement between FLACS and LPAC is totally legal and legitimate. The Lease Agreement and its contemporaneous arrangement is entirely legal in all respects and has been reviewed and approved by the Charter School Institute, the governing body of FLACS, as well as all lending institutions involved in any financial transactions related to the property in question.

Anonymous said...

It may be legal but that doesn't make it ethical. Trump didn't pay a hell of a lot of taxes to the city of New York. It may have been legal but completely unethical.