Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology

The Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology (PCSST) has been identified as a Gulen charter school (click on "About Gulen charter schools" above). You can learn more about the specific connections that PCSST founders, board members, and administrators have to the Gulen Movement HERE and other details about the school HERE.
BOY ACCUSED OF THREATENING TO RAPE, KILL TEACHER, September 12, 2009, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)*

PATERSON - A 14-year-old student at a Paterson charter school was arrested Friday, accused of threatening in an e-mail message to rape and kill his teacher if she did not give the entire class an "A++" for the year, authorities said.
The boy, a student at the Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology, turned himself in at Passaic County Sheriffs Department headquarters on Friday, accompanied by his parents…

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… The youth turned himself in to Passaic County authorities on Friday and was charged with making terroristic threats and criminal coercion…

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PASSAIC SCHOOLS' TEST SCORES UNDER PAR, July 2, 2009, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)*

Five North Jersey school districts and a Paterson charter school have fallen short on state tests in math and reading and landed on this year's "districts in need of improvement" list, state education officials announced Wednesday.
The affected districts are all in Passaic County. They are: Paterson, Passaic, Passaic County Vocational School, Lakeland Regional High School, Passaic Valley Regional High School and the Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology

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TEST SCORES LAG AT 1 IN 10 N.J. SCHOOLS, December 6, 2007, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)*

About one in 10 New Jersey school districts are considered "in need of improvement" due to low scores on standardized tests, state Education Department officials announced Tuesday…
The list is based on two years' of test scores analyzed by students' race, economic status and whether they receive special-education services or are English-language learners. Fifty-four school districts and six charter schools are "in need of improvement," including Northern Valley Regional in Bergen County; the Passaic County districts of Paterson, Passaic and Passaic County Vocational; and the Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology

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SCIENCE SCHOOL'S CHARTER RENEWED, November 14, 2007, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)*
PATERSON — The Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology will have its charter renewed for five years, state Education Commissioner Lucille Davy announced on Tuesday…

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PATERSON CHARTER SCHOOL GETS YET ANOTHER CHANCE, August 3, 2007, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)*

PATERSON — The state's announcement Thursday that it will give 90 more days of probation to the beleaguered Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology was a victory or defeat, depending on whom you asked…
Primarily, Davy faulted the school for not hiring enough teachers to cover all subject areas, or demonstrating ways it will ensure students meet state standards. Davy also requested an explanation of the school's high teacher attrition rate. Of the 56 teachers, half will be making their debut at the school in the fall, Davy stated…

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PATERSON - Officials from a four-year-old charter school [PCSST] that has been on shaky ground for five months and is now under investigation by the state will meet with parents today to inform them whether the school will remain open, and why some teachers have recently been let go…
In December, the school was placed on 90 days' probation by the state Department of Education because of hiring and administrative deficiencies. The probation put the school's charter renewal in jeopardy. The renewal would be for five years…
Departing teachers include some whose pending applications for teacher certification were denied by the state, one who did not have a valid Social Security number and one who allegedly showed students pornographic images from his cellphone, said John [aka Candemir] Toklu, vice president of the school's board of trustees…**

*Available on HighBeam
**Toklu is the Princeton Area Director of the Interfaith Dialog Center (IDC) in New Jersey. The IDC was identified as a Gulenist organization by Joshua Hendrick in his 2009 PhD thesis, "Globalization and Marketed Islam: The Case of Fethullah Gulen."


Gulen is a Fraud said...

This Gulen school in Paterson is riddled with controversy, it should be CLOSED before there is a dangerous issue that escalates out of control.
State of NJ are you listening? I cannot imagine the large Turkish American Community in NJ supporting the efforts of Fetosh, most do not care for him or his controlling Hizmet.
Control freaks all of them.

Anonymous said...

Why are your remarks so hateful and full of rage? Actually this entire site is dedicated to bashing people who really truly believe in education and believe in being progressive, forward-thinking, peaceful human beings. So when I read through this site and see not only the information that was posted that dates all the way back to 2007 (over 5 years ago), combined with the fact that it is riddled with extremely negative news on a group of people that the founders of this blog probably have never even shared a common meal with (because if they did, they would be embarrassed to present such biased and inaccurate information), tells me that nothing on this site is trustworthy. And to read such a hateful message left by "Gulen is a Fraud" is only the salty, and stale icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

the Gulen movement, and in particular, its extensive involvement in the Gulen-inspired -- Turkish managed -- and American tax funded -- charter The Gulenists have pretty much taken over any legitimate media outlet in Turkey in order to further their invasive propaganda agenda, so it must be like a festering boil to them that they cannot control the media or freedom of speech in the United States like they can in Turkey. They cannot sue, intimidate, harass, or jail Americans --- methods that they employ against the Gulen critics in Turkey, but are useless in a country (the US) that values the rights of individuals and freedom of speech.
because of this, I am strongly disagree giving my tax money to a group acts like colt...