Rosie the Riveter Charter High School

"Rosie Charter School Readies for Comeback." Gazette Newspapers (CA) 29 Jun 2011
Despite state budget cuts to education, one Long Beach charter school that was forced to close last year has made a comeback, raising enough money to reopen this fall.

Rosie the Riveter Charter High School was forced to close after its progressively thinner budget was cut by another 15% in state funding, said Alexandra Torres, executive director of the nonprofit Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles, which manages the school.

In October 2010, she said the closure of the school at 690 Studebaker Rd. (the space is leased for $1 a year from the AES power plant) was heartbreaking and that the only chance of reopening was to raise at least $150,000 by December 2010. About 40 students and five teachers were displaced...
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ROSIE THE RIVETER CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL CLOSED, September 21, 2010, The Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA)
LONG BEACH - Rosie the Riveter Charter High School, which provided vocational education to at-risk students, closed this fall due to budget problems, a school official said Tuesday.

The charter school, which was authorized by the Long Beach Unified School District, had only about 45 students last year, short of the 100 needed to receive enough per-pupil state funding to break even, a school official said…

Under an agreement between the school and district, Rosie the Riveter's charter will continue to be valid despite the school's closure, Eftychiou said.

But the school would need approval from the Long Beach Board of Education before it could reopen, he added.
The school's five-year charter is up for renewal in June 2012, he said. The district at that point could decide not to renew the charter for another five-year term, though no decision has been made yet…

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