Northeast Academy Charter School

A Denver Charter school has suspended a music teacher for losing his cool and throwing a chair while 4th grade students were preparing to return to the classroom.

"I picked up a chair and threw it to an open area away from the students," wrote Dan Culp, a K-7 music teacher at Northeast Academy Charter School. "I lost my patience and temper with the class as a whole, and chose a very inappropriate way to express my frustration."…

The school suspended Culp for the following day and he was allowed to return to class Thursday, Oct. 28…

This is the second time this month the Northeast Academy has found itself in the news. Earlier this month CBS4 reported the school was offering parents $400 gift cards for every new student they could recruit by October 1, the official 'count day' for Colorado.

That report prompted Denver Public Schools to announce they planned to investigate the incentive program.

"We are concerned that the reported enrollment solicitation is in breach of the school's charter contract and appears to violate the law," DPS announced. "We will conduct a full examination of the school's enrollment and marketing procedures and practices."
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A Denver charter school broke a new state law by offering families $400 worth of gift cards if they brought new students to the school before the day the state takes a student census…

Friday was the annual pupil count day for Colorado's schools, in which the Colorado Department of Education tallies how many students are in each school.

The figures are used in a formula to calculate how much money per student the school receives. State money follows students into the classroom — an average of about $6,600 per pupil across Colorado, according to the Colorado Department of Education.

House Bill 1175 was passed in 2009 after Cesar Chavez Academy, and its high school, Dolores Huerta Academy, offered $100 gift certificates for students who enrolled in their charter school.

Officials from Northeast Academy are aggressively marketing their school, trying to increase its declining enrollment, which had dropped from 461 students in 2009-10…

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What ever was discovered in the investigation ?What has happened regarding the alleged violation of law?