Alliance Academy – Evanston (OH)

NEW CHARTER SCHOOL FACES CRITICISM OF ITS CURRICULUM; July 21, 2003; Business Courier (Cincinnati, OH) 
Cincinnati's newest charter school will be managed by a national for-profit company that has faced lawsuits for allowing religious instruction and denying services to special education students.

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based National Heritage Academies will manage Alliance Academy in Evanston, which is renting the former St. Mark's Catholic School and will open in late August…

Ruppert said religion is not part of the curriculum. But National Heritage Academies are often criticized for teaching creationism as science theories…

Despite court challenges and concerns from groups such as People for the American Way, NHA continues to grow. The Michigan Family Forum, a religious group, in 1998 called NHA a choice for parents who can't afford private Christian schools.

In 1998, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a suit on behalf of parents who alleged that NHA was violating the separation of church and state at its Vanguard Charter Academy in Grand Rapids. The suit was dismissed in 2000 after the school put policies in place to prevent the types of actions alleged.

The Ridge Park NHA charter in Grand Rapids faced two lawsuits -- one from a parent and one from a teacher -- involving lack of services for special education students. The case was settled.

NHA is one of the first charter-school businesses to declare a profit…

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