Renaissance Academy of Pittsburgh Alternative of Hope

BOARD DENIES RENEWAL OF E. LIBERTY CHARTER SCHOOL; April 26, 2007; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) 
The Pittsburgh school board voted last night to shut down an East Liberty charter school.

Officials cited financial concerns, a lack of criminal background checks on employees and other problems with Renaissance Academy of Pittsburgh Alternative of Hope, an elementary school.

Board members voted 8-0 against granting the school a five-year renewal of its charter, with Mark Brentley abstaining.

The board in November signaled its desire to close the school, which opened in 2003. The school may appeal the board's ruling to the state.

It wasn't immediately clear when the school's original charter expires.
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CHARTER SCHOOL ORDERED TO FIX CODE VIOLATIONS; January 27, 2005: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
The city school district has given RAPAH Charter School until tomorrow to provide a plan for fixing fire safety and health code violations or face an immediate shutdown.

"There are fire and safety issues there. In fairness, we wanted to give them an opportunity to tell us what they intend to do," said city school solicitor Ira Weiss.

"If that plan is not sufficiently responsive, the district is prepared to move forward to revoke the charter."

The Renaissance Academy of Pittsburgh Alternative of Hope Charter School or RAPAH in East Liberty is in its second year and has about 255 students. Most pupils live in the city; some are from suburban districts. It is chartered by the city school district but operates under its own board, which hired New York-based Edison Schools to manage it…

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