Achievement First East New York Middle School

An East New York boy diagnosed with autism has gotten dozens of detentions this school year for behaviors caused by his condition, his parents say.

Brandon Strong, 10, who attends fifth grade at Achievement First East New York Middle School, has been held after school and at lunch for fidgeting, talking to himself and failing to look teachers in the eye.

The boy's parents say his ongoing disciplinary problems at the Richmond St. charter school are out of his control - and the punishments he's receiving are ruining his life…

The talkative kid with glasses hasn't always had such a tough time in class. Brandon was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder when he was 3 years old, after preschool teachers noticed he had trouble sitting still. Two years later he was diagnosed with autism but he worked hard with his family to succeed in mainstream classes…

Achievement First East New York Middle School Principal David Harding said the boy and his parents have overstated his trouble in school.

"The Strong family unfortunately is not partnering with us to get Brandon into college, and I think that is more of a hindrance in his development," said Harding.

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Anonymous said...

I know this family. They just want a lawsuit.