Brighter Choice charter schools in Albany (three schools)

Several large signs slung from three city charter schools this week targeting Treasurer Kathy Sheehan violate the city's sign law and were to come down Thursday, city and school officials said.

"Any organization has a right to express a political opinion. However, the size is an issue," said Bob Van Amburgh, a senior aide to Mayor Jerry Jennings. "If they want to express a particular opinion, that's fine, but they're going to have to change the size."

City code limits the size of temporary political signs to 16 square feet in a commercial district, Van Amburgh said.

The signs accused Sheehan of voting to raise property taxes -- a reference to the vote by a city economic development panel, Capital Resource Corp., that denied the Brighter Choice Foundation and a related nonprofit access to up to $42 million in tax-free bonds…

The signs -- which read "City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan just voted to raise your property taxes" -- were hung from the Brighter Choice School for Boys on North Lake Avenue, the Brighter Choice School for Girls on Central Avenue and the Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls on Hackett Boulevard on Tuesday…

"I don't intend to respond," Sheehan said. "I've heard this type of tactic referred to as street theater. Economic development for the residents in the city of Albany is far too serious an issue for me to engage in street theater."

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Theresa Bronner said...

Thanks for the opportunity for me to exercise my first amendment righ to free speech. My comments are based upon recent, media reports of very questionable behavior attributable to Brighter Choice charter school officials.

While I support charter schools as an option to traditional public schools, I do not support the clear lack of integrity demonstrated by the Brighter Choice organization with respect to recent events.

First, the political signs alleging that City Treasurer, Kathy Sheen, raised property taxes is deceptive and misleading (euphemistic words for LIES). In addition,charter schools are publically funded, claim to be a public option to the traditional system and look to the City of Albany (a public entity) for additional support (the bonds you were seeking). Given these FACTS, Brighter Choice has no business hanging political signs on its taxpayer supported buildings and spending money to create the signs!!!!!

Second, the LIES disseminated by Brighter Choice leadership regarding the compensation package for Albany's School Superintendent shows an utter lack of integrity at the head of the organization. (Remember the tone is set from the head and the fish ROTS from the head).

This disgusting tactic defies reason. If I were a parent trying to choose between educational options for my children, I would never send them to a school headed by leaders who demonstrate such despicable, lying behavior. This lack of integrity infects the entire Brighter Choice system with ugliness and lies. Is that an environment in which to educate children???

To bolster its integrity,Brighter Choice, needs a management audit and, clearly, a leaderhsip change.