Accusations of illegal lobbying

The N.C. Secretary of State is looking into accusations that former state Sen. Eddie Goodall has been illegally lobbying for charter school legislation.

A complaint was filed by N.C. Association of Educators, according to this report from the Associated Press.

Goodall, a Mint Hill Republican, did not seek re-election in the past election, and took a job as president of the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

The alliance’s biggest priority this year is to get the charter school legislation, Senate Bill 8, passed and Goodall has attended many of the hearings and meetings about the bill. Senate Bill 8 would lift the cap on charter schools, and allow the schools greater access to public schools’ funding streams.

Legislators are supposed to sit out of the lobbying game for six months after they leave office. Goodall’s term expired in December, which wouldn’t make him eligible to lobby until this May.

Violations of the state’s lobbying laws are criminal misdemeanors and punishment can also include fines up to $5,000 per violation. Lobbyists also have stop lobbying for two years following their conviction date, if found guilty of the criminal offenses…

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CharterGuy said...

I read the complaint, and I know the actual facts. The guy who wrote the complaint is the NCAE (NES affiliate) lobbyist and has zero credibility in the legislature. He made three claims: that Goodall was in the legislature "every day," that he participated in "closed door" meetings with the Republican caucus in which he lobbyied them to support the pending charter legislation, and that he lobbyied a Democrat legislator to support the charter bill. The truth is Goodall visited the legislature about a half a dozen times during the session, always sitting in the public seating area for committee meetings or in the gallery for floor debates. He never even attempted to address the Republican caucus behind closed doors (that's not even allowed under caucus rules), and his "lobbying" of the Democrat legislator in question amounted to a friendly greeting upon running into him as they were both exiting a large office building. The charges are complete rubbish.