All Tribes American Indian Charter School

VALLEY CENTER – Facing revocation of its charter over accusations of financial mismanagement, a school for students living on North County Indian reservations has decided to close and reopen under a different structure.

A lawyer for the All Tribes American Indian Charter School announced the move last night just as a local school board was about to vote to pull the school's charter.

The Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District board went ahead with the revocation anyway,
but the two dozen school supporters, who included staff members, Indian leaders and students, laughed...

School officials and their lawyer said the district is motivated by money. Indian students who live on reservations generate about twice as much funding as other students.

District Superintendent Lou Obermeyer said funding isn't the issue. Instead, she pointed to a long list of problems the district found, including issues keeping track of attendance and how money is spent.

Donohue said she believes the school would have prevailed had it challenged those findings, but didn't want to spend the $60,000 in legal fees that would have entailed…

This isn't the first time the school has run afoul of the district, which pointed out problems several years ago…


Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny that all tribes is still up to there antacs.
Apply for grants for the school and useing the money for Donahue and parada's personal use. A new 70 thousand dollar truck, new house, tvs purchased for the school that are in there home, a hot tube for the school that they have at there house. And they cant evev pay there water bill. The tribe gave them a line of credit and they never paid it back. This school and the two running it need to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

I have been a enrolled member of Rincon for generations. Have been on the business committee several times in the 70's and 80's. I am not happy with the fact's that this charter school is even allowed to teach. One of my grandchildren went there and was pulled out because they don't teach the kid's. It seem's to be a glorified day care where Ms Donahue and Ms Parada beneifit. They give the children the answers to state mandated test so there score's wil be high. I ask you isnt this illegal? And it's no secret amongst other tribal member's just how they can afford all these lavish luxuries? No teacher make's that kind of money. I am otraged and once other tribal member's find out what has been going on at that school we will see that it is SHUT DOWN. I have lived on the reservation my whole life and have seen alot of corruption and this is right up there with that. The business committee need's to take action and stop doing favor's for there friend's and families and start considering the membership. I will forward this to the school board and media outlet's

Anonymous said...

come on j.m. maybe your the one that set the stage for how corruption goes.all your family has ever done is corrupt[ tribal grant money,d.m.v. corruption ,insurance fraud so for you to say anything is bold. i"m not saying what you say is not true because it is , but maybe they are following the example you set.

thank you