New York City charter schools (don’t serve poorest kids)

New York City has long boasted of studies finding charter schools do a better job of educating low-income students than regular public schools. But a new study questions that data.

Bruce Baker, an associate professor at Rutgers' graduate school of education, said charters do serve the same proportion of children receiving free and reduced-price meals. But those two categories are lumped together when they're actually quite different, he said.

"The charters seem to have a larger share of the kids who are the less poor among the poor," he said.

Baker's study found 57 percent of the students at a typical charter school in New York City receive free lunch compared to 68 percent in the typical regular elementary school. Students who receive a free lunch are much closer to the poverty limit than those who qualify for reduced-price meals…

Baker's new study was published by the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It also found some charters are so successful at private fundraising that they spend an extra $800 to $1500 per pupil each year in many cases. The New York Center for Autism charter gets much more philanthropy, enabling it to spend an extra $9,571 per pupil…
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Anonymous said...

All your blog is a bash on Charter Schools yes there are bad ones and good ones just like the school districts. One school in Irving Texas called Universal Academy a charter school mostly African-American a teacher at that school told me how great it was to have parents interested in the children's education unlike the Dallas School District along with administrative support. Various Schools like Yes Prep in Houston have been examples of success in the Charter School movement a school mostly low income and minorities and one of the best schools in Texas. North Hills in Irving Texas is a God sent to many people who were tired of the failed Irving School system. Even the Harmony Schools you attack have been victims of in many cases unfair attacks. You are all about bashing Charter Schools period and wonder if this is just a teacher union front site. I was fortunate in Public School that my parents moved when I went into 9th grade for one of the worst school systems when I lived in PA to one of the best but unfortunately many kids are not that lucky and especially in the urban school systems who parents have little or no money the charter schools are the only option where these kids have a chance for a safe learning environment. I am sure this will not get posted because it does not follow your agenda