Nia Community Public Charter School

A co-founder and former executive director of the Nia Community Public Charter School in Washington has been charged with embezzling $29,000 from the school.

The Washington Examiner reports that Monique Murdock wrote five checks to her foster child ranging from $4,000 and $8,000, using school funds in 2008. Court records show the checks were then deposited in a savings account Murdock created for the child. Then all but $100 was transferred to other accounts belonging to Murdock.

Nia Community Public Charter School was located in Ward 7 but closed in 2011 after the D.C. Public Charter School Board revoked its charter.

The charter school board initially placed the school on probation for possible financial mismanagement. A spokeswoman says its charter was revoked as a result of poor academic performance.
”School board votes to pursue closure of two D.C. charters.” The Examiner (Washington, DC), 3/30/2011
The D.C. charter school board voted Tuesday night to move forward in closing Nia Community and Ideal Academy, charters that have not following the academic programs they proposed, the board said…

Board members said Nia's charter is on the chopping block because it failed to design and implement the educational program it described in its application, and failed to meet student achievement goals.

Nia also has not complied with federal requirements for educating special-education students, and did not submit an annual report in compliance with the School Reform Act…

Both Nia and Ideal have 15 days to request a public hearing before the board's final vote. A charter going through the process has never remained open, spokeswoman Audrey Williams told The Washington Examiner.


Ms. Taylor said...

I am a parent of a student of Nia CPCS and I cannot speak on the technicalities Nia has been charged with. What I can speak to is the quality of education and concern my son receives in conjunction with his education process in this institution.

Nia is a progressive tower of light in a sea of retroactive educational systems claiming to educate the youth.

I am proud to be a parent of a straight A student of Nia CPCS and am willing to contest to the highest degree necessary to maintain the sustainability of this educational beacon.

Anonymous said...

Nia. A word that means purpose, yet we wonder what was the purpose of Nia? The education of children has always been central in an institution of education. ON so many levels Nia has failed so many: students, teachers, and staff. This is unacceptable.