Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School

STATE PUTS PENCADER CHARTER ON REVIEW; April 24, 2011; The News Journal/ (DE) 
The Delaware Board of Education voted to place Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School on formal review, making it the second charter this school year to be placed in the process that could lead to the school's closure.

The reason for placing Pencader in the formal review process was listed as "financial concerns."

The state's charter school accountability committee will investigate the situation and make a recommendation for what should happen to the school.

That may mean that changes need to be made at the school, or it could mean that the school will be recommended for closure…


Anonymous said...

I think pencader charter has alot more issues than financial problems that people need to realize like the staff of the school from what I have been told from students that teacher's just come for a paycheck no one cares about the students. I also heard that some students believe some teachers are not quialifed. would you want your child in that type of envorment please some one help those children who want and need a better education system.

Buy Essays said...

If this school is closed then the ultimate sufferers will be students so try to resolve the issue by other way.