Southwest Learning Center

HEAD OF CHARTERS EARNS $204,000. Albuquerque Journal (NM) 11 Mar 2010
The head of three charter schools with fewer than 500 students combined earns $204,000, more than any superintendent in New Mexico except APS' Winston Brooks.

Brooks earns $256,000 a year to oversee a district of 94,000 students; Scott Glasrud oversees the Southwest Learning Center in Albuquerque with a combined enrollment of 495.

Albuquerque school board president Martin Esquivel called Glasrud's salary "beyond ridiculous," adding that it raises questions about accountability at charter schools.

"I think the perception is going to be that this charter school has set up its own private fiefdom using public money," Esquivel said in an interview. "There's really no way to justify this at all."

Glasrud's schools came under scrutiny last month after he refused to provide bank statements to the Albuquerque district, saying doing so would violate the schools' autonomy. He, along with Mike May of Amy Biehl Charter High, eventually released the documents…

"Just like anyone, I negotiate the best deal for myself and my family," Glasrud said…

The next-highest-paid superintendent in New Mexico is Stan Rounds of Las Cruces, who earns $168,000 to oversee a district of 24,000 students, according to the New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators.

[Aggie Lopez, former APS board president and current president of the Southwest Secondary board,] also said Glasrud is more of a superintendent than a principal, and she pointed out that the Southwest Learning Center schools are highly successful, with a graduation rate of 95.2 percent. The schools also consistently make Adequate Yearly Progress in math and reading…

But Esquivel said the schools' performance cannot be directly compared with APS, because of the difference in demographics.

"Some would try to compare the academic achievement to APS, without disclosing the fact that they have nowhere near the same poverty issues," Esquivel said…
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The Albuquerque Public School district is questioning why a charter school superintendent makes more money than the mayor of Albuquerque.

Scott Glasrud oversees three charter schools, Southwest Primary, La Luz Del Monte and Southwest Secondary.

According to reports, he oversees slightly fewer than 500 students and gets paid $204,000 per year.

Winston Brooks, superintendent of the Albuquerque Public School district, supervises 94,000 students and makes $256,000 per year.

"I think a $204,000 salary for 500 kids is absolutely outrageous," said Marty Esquivel, president of APS school board.

"The mayor of Albuquerque makes $100,000 a year, is that job tougher than being the mayor of Albuquerque?" said Esquivel…

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