William E. Doar Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts

The founders of a District charter school have been in an escalating feud with the school's board of directors over control of the Northeast campus that has spawned a lawsuit and prompted a judge to slap the school's former principal with a restraining order.

But as the battle over William E. Doar Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts heads for a Superior Court hearing Thursday, the founders, the William E. Doar, Jr. Educational Foundation, now say they will quit the fight...

It's a stark turnaround after months of infighting between the school's board of directors and its founders, who in May claimed that they had dissolved the board of directors.

In the letter, Mary Robbins, former principal of the upper school, along with founders Nadia Casseus-Torney and Julie S. Doar-Sinkfield, charged the board chairman with "blurring the lines between management and governance of the current board as evidenced by ... his attempts to influence day to day operations, oversee personnel and management decisions around attendance, creation of a hostile work place and the attempt to exercise line item approval over school based expenditures."

The founders then told parents and teachers to ignore an emergency meeting called by the directors, dubbing it an "unauthorized and uninsured meeting of former Board members," according to the lawsuit...

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