Parkway Academy Charter High School

“Parkway Academy put on notice.” Sun Sentinel (FL), 3/20/2012
The Broward School Board put Parkway Academy on notice Tuesday that its poor record of student achievement could result in it being shut down.

Board members voted unanimously to send a letter to the Miramar charter school notifying it that its charter won’t be renewed in June. The charter, which specializes in automotive studies, was the only F-rated high school in Broward County last year. It enrolls about 517 students.

This isn’t the last chance for the school, though. It can appeal the decision.
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“Parkway Academy of Miramar fined $260,800.” West Volusia Beacon (FL), 6/22/2010
GAINESVILLE — Parkway Academy of Miramar has been penalized for major violations committed by its athletic program.

The school has been reprimanded, fined $260,800, its entire athletic program placed on five years of restrictive probation and three additional years of administrative probation, and the school's football program was placed on five years of restrictive probation and three additional years of administrative probation...

The penalties are in response to violations of multiple provisions of association regulations, including multiple counts of student-athlete ineligibility.

The school currently is serving restrictive probation for violations in its girls' basketball program...

The Florida High School Athletic Association office began its investigation in the 2008-09 school year, particularly the football team's student-eligibility...

The investigation determined that 32 specific violations of FHSAA bylaws and policies were committed, including:

... participation of non-school students in practice;
... participation of ineligible student-athletes in interscholastic contests;
... participation in illegal football scrimmages;
... violations of athletic-recruiting policies; and
... falsification of information to the FHSAA investigative consultant.

"It is not only the tremendous number of FHSAA bylaws and policies that have been violated by Parkway Academy, but also the egregiousness of those violations that are so appalling," said Executive Director Roger Dearing. "This investigation, which took more than four months to complete, along with the subsequent report and findings, represent the most serious levels of offenses with which the association has had to deal in recent years...
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A teenager was shot and killed Friday night following an altercation at a school dance at Parkway Academy High School in Miramar...

A disturbance inside the cafeteria carried over to the outside of the school where the shooting took place. The victim was identified as Devon Sutton, 19, the brother of the disc jockey at the event.
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A 17-year-old Miramar girl accused of shooting her classmate appeared Wednesday in court, where she likely will be charged as an adult.

Tuesday morning the suspect was the last person to get on the bus to school. She pulled a chrome handgun from behind her back, reached over a seat with students and shot Cheatham in the shoulder, the affidavit says. Then the suspect pulled back the gun's slide, ready to shoot again.

The bus driver quickly grabbed the suspect and forced her off the bus before driving off.

The girls are both juniors at Parkway Academy High, a 480-student charter school in Miramar...

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