Sacramento Visual and Performing Arts Charter

“Sacramento Schools Lose Charter Over Controversy.” Original publication unknown, 5/30/2007
The role of charter schools in education at Sacramento Schools is continuously emerging and evolving. Sacramento Schools have been involved in the on-going battle between privately run charters and the public systems that fund them for years. The enormous impact of this inability to form a cohesive working relationship will come to a head on June 14th when the Sacramento Visual and Performing Arts Charter (VAPAC) closes its doors.

VAPAC was originally a component of the Sacramento Schools system. It began as a program within the Sacramento High School. When Sacramento Schools decided to make that a charter in 2003, VAPAC leased separate space and established its own charter. Part of what makes the Sacramento Schools’ charter programs challenging is determining who is in charge. Charter programs like VAPAC are fully funded by public funds, however have their own governing boards. This is what landed VAPAC and the Sacramento Schools in court this past year.

Sacramento Schools demanded the authority to fire administrators governing the charter school, citing budget and student safety concerns. VAPAC leaders disagreed. The lawsuit was finally settled in September of 2006. Nonetheless, when VAPAC tried to get a new charter from Sacramento Schools, they had been denied. Officials in the Sacramento Schools district office said that the charter was not able to produce the necessary curriculum and budgets requested...

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