Career Connections Charter High School

The Pittsburgh school board voted unanimously on Wednesday to pull the plug on Career Connections Charter High School in Lawrenceville.

Before the school is shut down, the district will conduct a public hearing followed by a second vote by the board. No date has been set for either follow-up action.

The charter school, which is run under the auspices of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania, serves about 245 students.

If rejected a second time, school officials say they will exercise their option to file an appeal with the state Department of Education...

Pittsburgh Public Schools officials say the school, which opened in 1999, has failed to meet expectations.

"The primary reason was the performance," said Lisa Augustin, a research associate for the district who coordinates its charter review teams. "The team also felt the school does not serve as a model to the district and is not living up to its mission."...

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Sciguy said...

I'd like to say that the charter school from this article is closing not due to performance, but due to money. The Pittsburgh Public School board voted unanimously to close it because they are losing needed money to this charter school. This school takes a lot of students that were failing in their system and turns a lot of them around and gets them to graduation. Pittsburgh Public is merging schools and laying off teachers due to their financial burdens. It's sad that they are attacking a school that fixes students that slipped through the cracks of their own failing system.