T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge

A CSU student who held financial-management positions for the university's student government, a local theater company and a Fort Collins charter school pleaded guilty Friday to a single count of felony theft.

Matthew Shane Strauch, 24, of Fort Collins, was arrested late last year and accused of stealing money from the Bas Bleu Theater and the T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge...

According to police, Strauch was asked to resign due to mismanaging various financial accounts. Bas Bleu officials also told police that in 2008, Strauch took the personal information of someone associated with the theater company, opened two credit card accounts and accumulated substantial debt. Instead of filing criminal charges, a civil restitution was arranged.

From the Dec. 15 investigation, police said Strauch created a bank account at First Bank in the name of Bas Bleu Theatre, without the knowledge of company officials, where he is accused of depositing various checks stolen from the business...

In the second investigation on Dec. 17, police said Strauch made five unauthorized counter withdrawals from bank accounts owned by the charter school. Between the two investigations, TPAAK's losses total $41,881.93, officials said.

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