The Scholars’ Academy (Arizona)

QUARTZSITE, AZ - A piece of shocking cell phone video has turned an Arizona school into the talk of the town.

Students at Quartzsite’s Scholar’s Academy captured their principal kissing and fondling the school secretary. City officials say the video shows Principal Steve McClenning making out with Billie Madewell.

Numerous parents, students, and residents told ABC15 the two are both married to different people. What has parents most upset, however, is that the intimate kissing session happened during classes...

The charter school is not firing McClenning or Madewell. The two instead resigned in an impromptu meeting Wednesday. The resignations take effect June 30. Parents told ABC15 they want immediate and serious action.

“Dismiss them both,” mother Cindy Jones said. “It’s not OK, what they did. If they resign, that’s a privilege. They can go to another school and this will never be on their record. No. I don’t like that at all. That’s just telling the kids it’s okay.”..

With Scholar’s Academy’s charter status not being renewed, many in the town believe Quartzsite will not have a school next year. The school has appealed the decision to the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools...

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