Horizon Charter School

“Rocklin Charter School Shuts Its Doors Amid Controversy.” CBS13 (CA), 10/16/2012

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Six weeks into the school year a charter school in Rocklin is closing its doors. Four hundred kids were told Friday that their school would close, and Tuesday was their last day.

But many parents say the Horizon CEO is making up false excuses for why he’s closing the doors at Horizon’s Accelerated Learning Academy campus. Fired up families were fuming even more Tuesday over what many consider a lame excuse for the shutdown...

“How can you throw 400 families out?” parent Laura Daggett asked.

Horizon CEO Craig Hembichner spoke to CBS13 on Monday and said the urgent campus closure was all because of safety...

But the county told CBS13 its staff did not tell Hembichner he had to shut down anytime soon, not wanting to interrupt the school year.

The county staff also stated they have traffic congestion concerns, but again they say they never told Hembichner he had to shut down.

During a meeting with parents Tuesday night, Heimbichner spent the first 30 minutes of his presentation talking about the history of Horizon Charter Schools before someone finally stood up and yelled for him get to the point.

The angry interruptions became a common theme throughout. Some parents got so frustrated they walked out...

[Heimbichner] said he’s looking for a new facility and in the meantime the kids will have independent study from home.


ROCKLIN, CA - A regional charter school operator signed a 10-year lease for classroom space in a Rocklin industrial center, apparently unaware its new school was prohibited by the local zoning code...

A Placer County business license application filed by GroupAccess president William Brockmeyer in May 2011 claimed the space would be used as a "resource center" with no more than one employee and an average of five clients.

According to the Placer County Community Development Resource Agency (CDRA), the current zoning allows the resource center to legally accomodate 75 students at any one time, but not in a traditional classroom setting.


Anonymous said...

There is a follow up news story on the further closing of Horizon Charter ALA K-2 program at mid-year with 3 weeks notice. This closure similarly has lacked any clear justification by the administration. It has been a well-beloved program by the students and families. The Horizon CEO and Chief Academic Officer both have prior associations with other schools during financial scandals, and suspicions about what might be the underlying motivation for closure remain high.

The Perimeter Primate said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I located that story.