Ignite Public Schools, formerly IRRA Charter Schools (six schools)

MISSION - IRRA Charter Schools remain on probation with the Texas Education Agency, the schools superintendent said in a letter to parents.

The schools current status with TEA means they have not addressed major financial and education concerns. The school recently changed its name to Ignite.

The letter was not the first of its kind sent to parents. TEA first put the charter system on probation in 2009. That's when the state started investigating the schools.

The investigations concluded that the schools changed attendance records and got funding based on bad information.

TEA ordered IRRA to repay nearly $900,000. The schools fired the superintendent and brought in new leadership to fix the problems.

A CHANNEL 5 NEWS investigation revealed the problems were not fixed...

"Accredited probation is the next to worst level you can get on an accreditation status. After that, if you can't improve we have the authority to revoke the accreditation and at that point you'll cease to be a Texas public school," said Deetta Culbertson, with TEA...


Claims of sexual harassment followed a South Texas school administrator, several female co-workers came forward at his current workplace, Ignite Public Schools (IPS) -- accusing him of unwanted attention and continued harassment.

Rigoberto Abrego is the current chief financial officer for IPS, formerly known as IRRA, Inc...

Before working for IPS Abrego worked as assistant superintendent at Edinburg CISD.

However, he resigned in 2010 amid an investigation into sexual harassment at that district...

... [several women] filed grievances back in May against Rigoberto Abrego for sexual harassment...

But it was not just employees; a student also filed one of the grievances...

Raymundo Valdez, the legal counsel for IPS, said one of the three grievances had been resolved, but that the school board was looking into the other two.

In the meantime, Abrego has continued working at the central offices and has not been placed on leave or under any sanctions, according to Valdez.

More at “IRRA Charter School Under Investigation.” KRGV 5 News (TX), 9/20/2012

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Alberto Ramos II CSE said...

I'm a parent with a child that has autism . i consider this school as a choice for my son . we did not chose this school and decide to keep him at the school he was zoned to .
When i first heard the news that TEA was had put them on probation i though it was unfair fight between the local schools and idea public schools picking on the little guys.
however as a stronger com-minty organizer i reached out several times to both the superintendent and his assistants by going in person . they refuse to allow for me to help them which i though was very strange.