Delaware Military Academy

A state audit discovered excessive personal reimbursements were given to the DMA's superintendent Jack Wintermantel.

The audit report follows an investigation by State Auditor Tom Wagner into allegations that the school leader received two reimbursements for the same purchase.  Wagner's report shows Wintermatnel received more than $26,000 in duplicate reimbursements.

The DMA is a publicly funded charter school with about 560 cadets in grades 9-12.

The audit also states that school staff were too intimidated to put a stop to the problem.  The audit report states, "They simply do what is requested without question because, as one individual stated, 'I want to keep my job.'"...

Wagner has forwarded his findings to the State Attorney General and is recommending that the Red Clay School District and the Department of Education review the school's charter.  He says the school's resistance to fixing problems alleged in the audit could put DMA at risk of losing its charter...

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