DaVinci Charter School

Due to a budget shortfall, a charter school that has been operating in Garden City since the fall of 2006 will close its doors on Friday, school officials said.

The DaVinci Charter School opened in 2006 as the Garden City Community School — the name was changed because some thought it was a community college, said Director Cindy Hoovel...

Hoovel said the school began in modulars, then moved into a church. It later moved to a strip mall on Chinden Boulevard, but the lease wasn't renewed after a firearms store and brewery moved in nearby. It finally moved to portable trailers on Glenwood Street, across from Hawks Memorial Stadium. The plan was to build a permanent school at that site.

Several things led to the decision to shutter the facility, including unanticipated costs associated with moving to the site, utility installation costs, higher-than-average special needs services costs, and enrollment under 200 students.

... The board paid off remaining bills — it does not have any remaining debt — and opted to close rather than incur operating costs that could not be immediately paid...

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