Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

“High Stakes Cheating.” District Administration April 2011
…It was teachers at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, a charter school sponsored by the Clark County (Nev.) School District, who reportedly exposed the school’s principal for calling several sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students into an office to finish incomplete answers on a standardized math test on one day in March 2010. That was “a serious offense because it destroys the integrity of the test,” Nevada Senior Deputy Attorney General Ed Irvin told the state board of education at a meeting last August, according to a summary of meeting minutes.

The test scores of the students involved were invalidated, says Carol Mason, test security coordinator in the Nevada Department of Education. The department suspended the principal’s license for 100 days but “did not find sufficient wrongdoing” to warrant revoking the license, says Sue A. Daellenbach, assistant superintendent for assessment accountability, research and school improvement in the Clark County district…
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The middle school principal at Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy has been placed on administrative leave while state investigators look into allegations that she gave five students additional opportunities to complete a state standardized test.
The high-stakes Criterion Referenced Tests are used to evaluate student progress under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. State law does not allow officials to give students extra help or time with the tests…


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"Former tennis star Andre Agassi teams with L.A. bankers to finance charter school construction - The Canyon‐Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund is an unusual for-profit investment fund that intends to finance as much as $750 million in charter schools nationwide." (Los Angeles Times, June 2, 2011)

"The goal of the fund is to develop 75 schools serving 40,000 students over the next three or four years while earning a financial return for investors, which include Citigroup Inc. and Intel Corp."

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6/8/2007: "Agassi Prep Cheerleading Coach Charged in Prostitution Sting"

An investigation into an international prostitution ring is underway and police say the leader of it is a cheerleading coach at the Andre Agassi Preparatory School.

Police say 36-year-old Esperanza Brooks faces 14 counts and the concern was not only that she was selling women on the streets, but also was a role model for young women as their cheerleading coach at the Andre Agassi Preparatory School.

Police say she worked with Rasehda Kemp in arranging three prostitutes to a hotel room along with drugs.

Police say undercover vice officers investigated Brooks for two weeks. They say she sold herself as a "Heidi Fleiss-type" madam dealing with high-end prostitutes who would cater to celebrities.

The alleged operation ended at 2 a.m. when police say Brooks delivered them three hookers at a Las Vegas Strip resort.

Police say the 36-year-old Brooks, known as DeeDee the cheerleading coach at the reputable Andre Agassi college prep school, moonlighted as a madam.

Metro Vice Lieutenant Karen Hughes said, "She sold herself as being involved in high-end prostitution, which means the girls are very top notch -- dealt with celebrities."

Lt. Hughes says a citizen tipped them off that the coach was selling sex. "She was no rookie to the game," Hughes added.

The Channel 8 I-Team uncovered early Friday that police arrested Brooks and an acquaintance, Rashena Kemp, for arranging and bringing them three hookers. The price charged was more than $10,000.

What really worries police is whether Brooks used her position as a cheerleading coach to add to her stable of women. One, Brooks allegedly told police, which involved nearly fifty women from all over the world.

Lt. Hughes continued, "Clearly, when we got that complaint and it involved an individual we verified had connections with the school, we were very concerned."

There are no clear signs at this point that Brooks recruited or employed former or current students. The I-Team spoke with parents who said they were more than surprised. However, they did not wish to be on camera.

A principal at Agassi Prep said he was unaware of the charges and did not want to comment further until he knew more about the case.

"We really want people to understand if they think there are vice-related crimes going on in their neighborhoods to please call and report them so we can follow up," Lt. Hughes said. "There might be an impression that this is fertile ground for prostitution, but we're just not going to have it."

Police encourage any parents from Agassi Prep to call them if they suspect Brooks propositioned their children to become prostitutes.

They say three alleged hookers arrested with her Thursday night were all adults and did not appear to be connected to her work at the school.

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More at Diane Ravitch's blog

2/18/2014: "Why Isn’t Andre Agassi Building Tennis Camps Instead of Charter Schools?"

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