Brighton Collegiate High School (formerly Brighton Charter School)

Brighton Collegiate High School was plagued by a series of sexual scandals. BHCS closed in the spring of 2010, taken over by the local public school district. In the fall of 2010 it was reopened as Eagle Ridge Academy, a college preparatory S.T.E.M. school. Allegations have been made about Eagle Ridge Academy pushing out students. Read HERE.

FORMER BRIGHTON TEACHER NOW FACES FELONY CHARGES; November 22, 2010; Brighton Standard Blade (CO) 
BRIGHTON – A former teacher at the former Brighton Collegiate High School is facing new charges in connection with an incident with a student more than a year ago.

The original charge of child abuse against former teacher and cross country coach David Lange was dropped in favor of two felony counts, according to Krista Flannigan, spokesperson with the Adams County District Attorney’s Office. The new charges are sex assault on a child and sex assault on a child by a person in position of trust…
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BRIGHTON, Colo. -- A Brighton Collegiate High School teacher fired in November for an "inappropriate" relationship with a student sent the 14-year-old girl sexually "suggestive" text messages and kissed her in the dark at the movie theater, according to court records obtained by

"Ur body felt so good against mine," the 39-year-old man told the teen in one of 5,380 text messages he and student exchanged between Aug. 28 and Nov. 2, 2009, according court records.

"It took all my willpower not to just take u right there on the table ... wheew lol," the teacher wrote the student in one of many text messages that investigators called sexually "suggestive."

The texts were contained in a Dec. 3 police statement supporting a search warrant to retrieve messages and photographs that might be stored on the man's two cell phones, computers, and a video camera seized from his home and his desk at school…

"We haven't arrested or charged anybody yet. It's still an ongoing investigation," Brighton police spokesman John Bradley said Wednesday…

The teen said the teacher “has touched her waist, knees and thigh with his hands," according to the search warrant affidavit.

At the fired teacher's home, investigators seized a camcorder containing "a home-made pornographic video" showing the man and an unidentified "young teenage-looking female," according to the search warrant affidavit…

The teacher's November firing is the fourth time within three years that teachers at the school, formerly called the Brighton Charter High School, have been investigated for improper conduct with students…

In November, the scandal-plagued school was taken over by School District 27J.
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A teacher at Brighton Collegiate High School has been fired for inappropriate behavior with a student. Brighton police are investigating the incident but have not arrested that teacher.
The school's Board of Directors sent a letter Tuesday to parents of students informing them of the situation.

The letter states, "We have concluded that there may have been inappropriate conduct on the part of the teacher, and that the teacher's employment has been terminated. We have no reason to believe that the relationship was sexual, but it was inappropriate and will not be tolerated..."

...The school district's board of education will meet next week to discuss the future of this high school.

This is the fourth incident at the school that has resulted in a staff member leaving.

Ralph Kelly, a former teacher at what used to be called Brighton Charter School, pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a student in 2008.

A year before that the former principal's wife was arrested after having a sexual liaison with one of her students during a camping trip she chaperoned. Carrie McCandless was sentenced to 45 days in jail and five years probation.

Former School Board President David Mundy, Sr. resigned in the wake of the scandal and pleaded guilty to failure to report child abuse.

The previous summer, his son, David Mundy, Jr. was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 10 years probation for sexual contact with three girls. One of them Mundy, Jr. taught while subbing at the school.

The school eventually chose not to renew its contract with Principal Chris McCandless.
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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Former Brighton Charter High School teacher Carrie McCandless was sentenced to 45 days in jail Friday for providing alcohol to, and having unlawful sexual contact with a 17-year old student.

As part of her plea agreement, she also has to register as a sex offender.

Prosecutors said McCandless was "grooming" her victim, and that she never owned up to what she did…
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BRIGHTON, Colo. -- A former Brighton High School teacher accused of having sex with one of her students was released from jail Monday afternoon after her husband, the school's principal, posted her bond, her attorney said…

McCandless faces charges of sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The former social studies teacher is accused of engaging in drinking, kissing and fondling with a 17-year-old male student while on a school field trip in Estes Park last fall…
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FONDLING TEACHER GOES TO JAIL; January 11, 2007; Denver Post (CO) 
Brighton - A former firefighter and substitute teacher wept in court Thursday, as did some of his family members, but the tears were not enough to keep him out of jail.

David Mundy Jr., 31, was sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years of intensive therapy and 10 years' probation for plying teenage girls with alcohol, then kissing and fondling them…

On Dec. 31, 2005, Mundy threw a party at his home for three teenage girls he knew from teaching at Brighton Charter High School.

He performed "body shots" with the teens, pouring alcohol into their navels and sucking it out, according to court documents.

One of the victims told investigators: "It was kind of weird, but we went with it because we were drinking too."…
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The president of the board at Brighton's charter high school has resigned after two sex scandals.

David Mundy Senior resigned in the wake of charges that he interfered with a police investigation into whether a teacher at the school had sex with a student.

Last month, Carrie McCandless, was charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust. The alleged incident occurred on a school field trip to Estes Park…

Earlier, David Mundy Junior, a former substitute teacher at the school, pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor…

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