Escondido Charter High School

...Blatant electioneering by the GOP on school grounds. Click through to see photos [see below] of a political rally held for Republican candidates in May, 2010, pay special attendance to what the school’s white tiger mascot is wearing. Mitt Romney, Meg Whitman, Darrell Issa and Pete Wilson are all in attendance. While my understanding is that it’s legal to use the facility for a political rally, it’s questionable in the least, to dress the school’s mascot in anti-Democratic Party garb and surround it by cheerleaders in school uniforms.
Adults in the photo appear to be leading the students in cheers for Republicans and against Democrats. I’ve been unable to find any evidence of attempts by the school to balance GOP influence with alternative political points of view.

The San Diego Tea Party held a “Constitution Seminar” for grades five and up on school grounds. In the online Meetup forum the San Diego County Tea Party organizer, Maggie Acerra,  writes  ”I guess something like this would never be put on at a PUBLIC High School anymore, would it?” I wonder if she understands that most charter schools are public schools.

The school has numerous ties to area Republican organizations. This is just one example. I found no links to any Democratic organization.

The school’s celebration of their new “American Spirit” sculptures included several well-known area conservatives.  Roger Hedgecock, an ultra-conservative radio host broadcasted from the school’s celebration and the radio program was co-hosted by the school’s executive director. In attendance were Republican city council members.

The school’s motto is “Education is our Business.” Absolutely nothing really “wrong” or unethical about this, but it points to the fact that the school falls in line with the GOP line of thinking that everything should be run “like a business.” Children and their education are viewed as commodities, products.

The Executive Director of Escondido Charter High School serves on the Republican Mayor’s economic advisory council.  This alone should have disqualified the school from entering into a new lease in a city-owned building.

The Mayor donated $500 to the charter school as a city council member, prior to being elected mayor. This donation was part of an increase in sales at a gas station he owns following a rally in support of a controversial ordinance prohibiting landlords from renting to persons unable to provide proof of legal immigration status.  The ordinance was later pulled because the ACLU filed a lawsuit and the city determined it would be too costly to defend. It’s curious that one of the biggest champions of this ordinance (which was cheered by the Minutemen upon its initial passage) chose to donate profits gained because of his support to this particular charter school and not to one of the many public schools in the community he represents...
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Anonymous said...

get a life

The Perimeter Primate said...

Escondido Charter High School has 501(c)(3) status (EIN 330841097).

The bans on political campaign interventions by 501(c)(3) organizations are explained in detail @

Anonymous said...

Seriously? This school teaches more than all the public schools in the area, so if your against education and betterment of society then keep posting. It does not push a conservative agenda on the students and in fact it encourages the students to formulate their own beliefs. I am amazed that you use such biased information and believe it to be the whole truth.
What a great writer you are.
Sounds to me like your a democrat, of course you would get upset about this. You dont see republicans bashing high tech high which is more liberal do you?

Anonymous said...

What a pile of crap. Mitt Romney was never at Charter. Most of what is posted here is garbage. I know, I work there, and prayers have never been encouraged. In fact, after a complaint, a prayer a graduation was done away with years ago. This blogger is some disaffected wierdo.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a pile of crap. Mitt Romney most definitely WAS there.

I'm not sure why the commenters here feel the need to lie about facts. If you feel the kids are getting a decent education -- fine. But public funds should not be used to promote a blatantly right wing agenda. It's too bad that so many of the parents and staff who go here are so clueless about it.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I went to this school and to reiterate what one commentor said it teaches way more than most public schools in the area. I left prepared and ready for college.

The argument you have asserted is a little off. You see, the political events that took place at the school were during non-school hours. I won't even address "Constitutional" day because quite frankly there is nothing bias or partisan about that. But the political rally was a separate event using school facilities to facilitate an event. Heck, even churches can do that during non-operational times. As far as school officals getting involved, they can do that just not in the "school official" capacity rather as individuals protected under the First Amendment. (Just because you work for the Government does not mean you are stripped of all of your rights) Quite frankly there is nothing bias about the School Director being on economic advisory board for the Mayor. That is called doing your civic duty. But his other involvement is appropriate as long as he is doing it as an individual, which he was. As far as the school mascot wearing a partisan shirt: well, dressed up school mascots are an expression of the student body. There is a difference between an individual dressed up as the school mascot and the offical school mascot logo. The official school mascot logo was not involved. The student body is allowed to participate in political rallies. I am sure none of those students were forced to go and wear whatever they were wearing. Each student is protected under the first amendment to express their school pride as well as their political preference.

And next time you derail a school for inappropriate behavior, perhaps you can actually choose something inapproriate such as unconstitutional violations.

Anonymous said...

It is a violation of their 501 C3 tax status to engage in promotion of a particular candidate.Please see the IRS link above. This school has a long history of engaging in inappropriate and likely illegal activities. It's what happens when public funds go into private hands with little public oversight and lots of political and religious connections and agendas. I am continually stunned that so many people think this is just fine.And the school logo was worn by the cheerleaders so I'm not sure what type of nonsensical argument you're making when discussing a logo.

Anonymous said...

This school is way better than any other public school. They would never engage in illegal activities, so I have no clue what you are talking about.