Helix Charter High School

"District settles dispute with Helix Charter High; Helix executive director Doug Smith to retire June 30; Charter renewed for 5 years.” East County Magazine (CA), 4/30/2012
April 30, 2010 (San Diego’s East County) -- The Grossmont Union High School District and Helix Charter High School Boards have reached a settlement of all issues, the district has announced.

Those issues centered around misconduct allegations involving Helix personnel, including several incidents of sexual misconduct involving teachers and students, as ECM has previously reported. Most recently, the District had initiated procedures to revoke the Helix Charter the Helix [sic] had responded by filing a lawsuit against the District.

Under the settlement agreement, the GUHSD Board will renew the Helix charter for five years effective July 1, 2010. As part of the agreement, Douglas Smith will retire as Executive Director effective June 30. Smith has worked at Helix for the past 21 years. No parties have admitted fault in the agreement, in which the District agrees to renew the Helix charter...
“Letter Of Intent To Revoke HelixHigh School Charter Filed; The Grossmont Union High School Board Of Trustees Voted 4-0 To Issue The Letter.” 10News.com (CA), 2/12/2012
LA MESA, Calif. -- The Grossmont Union High School board of trustees, which oversees Helix High School, has voted to issue a letter of intent to revoke the school's charter, it was reported Friday.

The board voted 4-0 Thursday night to issue the letter, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. A public hearing on the matter is expected to be held next month...

Last July, Helix High School nearly lost its charter over four occurrences of illegal sexual interaction between staff members and students within a two-year period. An agreement was made that allowed the school's charter to stay in place, provided it improved.

"When do we say enough is enough?" said Grossmont Union High School District Superintendent Bob Collins.


"Yet another Helix High School scandal." San Diego 6 CW (CA), 10/6/2009
An employee at Helix High School was under investigation Tuesday in connection with the disappearance of a female student who recently ran away from home, La Mesa police said.

The student has since safely returned home, according to La Mesa police Lt. David Bond, who said more details would be released later this morning.

To date, investigators do not suspect sexual conduct between the student and the employee, according to Bond. He said alcohol and drugs were also not involved.

Helix, a charter school, has been marred by controversy in the past involving student-staff relationships. Four former Helix teachers were convicted of sex crimes involving students between December 2006 and September 2008.

The Grossmont Union High School District board considered revoking Helix’s charter earlier this year because of the scandals, but the proposed action was never approved.


Unknown said...

More articles that go in depth about what this principal is charged with (aiding a student run away from home), can be found here:

In addition, Helix High had 4 other instructors charged and convicted of sexually abusing their students. One article can be found here:

Finally, one of board members of the district claimed that Helix High is hiding information about 2 more sexual abuse cases.

Yet another reason to get rid of charter schools: they do not need to do background checks on their teachers or get finger prints.
They are not accountable for even this minimal level of safety.

Anonymous said...

That is a LIE. They do finger print and do background checks. I should know. I used to work for one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, charters they do finger printing an background checks.