Funny business

In the charter school world there is way too much political funny business to report here. However, these are a few examples.

============= 2013 ============= 

Feb: "From Portfolios to Parasites: The Unfortunate Path (ology) of U.S. Charter School Policy."
Feb: "So why do hedge funds so favor charter schools?" 

============= 2012 =============
April: “State legislator files ethics complaint against school board member over charter school ad.”
October: "Build a charter school, get a green card"
October: “Charter school companies, online learning outfits try to wield influence in Tallahassee.”
November: “9 Investigates lawmakers' connections with charter schools.”

============= 2011 =============

March: “Former state Sen. accused of illegal lobbying on charter school bill.” (NC)
March: “N.J. being sued over charter school secrecy.” (NJ)
March: “Ohio set to expand school choice as record $5.2M fine imposed on charter group remains unpaid.” (OH)
April: “Ethics complaint filed against State Rep. Fresen; An ethics complaint was filed against a Miami lawmaker over his connection to a charter schools company.” (FL)
June: “Charter school kids bused to Gov. Scott’s Republican budget signing rally.” (FL)
June: “Senator faces ethics complaint.” (WI)
December: KKK endorses charter schools (b/c they increase segregation)

============= 2010 =============

June: “Behar claims bundlers offered $200K to assembly race to switch charters position.” (NY)
September: Wall Street investors prop up little known candidate. (NY)