The Gulen Movement & its schools in the news

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FEBRUARY 17: “Proposed Bangor charter school linked to Turkish imam.” Portland Press Herald (ME)


OCTOBER 24: "Who is Fethullah Gulen? City Journal

AUGUST 8: "Altruistic Society or Sect? The Shadowy World of the Gulen Movement." Spiegel Online International

JUNE 12: "Commissioner Roland Raises Alarms About Charter Schools and Turkish Cleric." Memphis Flyer (TN)

JUNE 5: "Audits for 3 Turkish Schools Tied to Turkish Movement." The New York Times

MAY 13: "U.S. charter schools tied to powerful Turkish imam." CBS News 60 Minutes

APRIL 25: "Turkey Feels Sway of Reclusive Cleric in the U.S." The New York Times (This piece first appeared in the International Herald Tribune  on April 18, 2012, with the title  "Shadow force grows in Turkey.")

APRIL 25: "Islam and the Free Market of Privatized Education: "Friending" the Gulen charter schools." By Doug Martin, The Common Errant (a detailed look at the Gulen movement's activities in Indiana)

APRIL 19: "Allegations raised over N. Phila. charter school run by followers of Turkish imam." The Philadelphia Inquirer

APRIL 18: "Shadow force grows in Turkey." International Herald Tribune  (also read piece HERE)

MARCH 29: "Freed Turkish Journalist at European Parliament." Turkish Weekly (Watch video of Sik's testimony HERE with audio by English interpreter)

MARCH 27: "Largest charter network in U.S.: Schools tied to Turkey." The Washington Post 

MARCH 21: "What Scares Turkey's Women? A Pennsylvania-based imam's anti-feminist message is spreading in the U.S. and in his home country." The Daily Beast 

MARCH 12: "Letter from Turkey: The Deep State." The New Yorker

FEBRUARY 27: "Re: INSIGHT - TURKEY - some notes so far." The Global Intelligence Files, WikiLeaks.
JANUARY 25: "Questions loom about group proposing Raleigh charter school." Independent Weekly (NC)


DECEMBER 29: "Turkey: Has Gulen Movement Replaced Deep State?" EurasiaNet

DECEMBER 8: "Are Charters Really "Impressive"? Jersey Jazzman (a comparative data analysis of BASCS, a Gulen charter school in NJ)

OCTOBER 17: "The Trouble with Turkey." Michael Rubin, National Review

SEPTEMBER 30: "Is Turkey Really a 'Vibrant Democracy'?" PajamasMedia

SEPTEMBER 28: "Turkey's Elephant in the Room: Religious Freedom." The New York Times

AUGUST 7: "Erdogan 1, Ataturk 0." Newsweek, via The Daily Beast

AUGUST 4: "Some practices questioned at Baldwin charter school." Pittsburg Post-Gazette (PA)

JULY 15: "Records show glaring faults at school with ties to Turkish charter school network." The Times-Picayune (LA)

JULY 12: "Freedom of expression and media freedom in Turkey." Report by the Commissioner of Human Rights of the Council of Europe

JUNE 30: "Secular Turkish Cypriot teachers aghast at plans for Islamic school." Cyprus Mail 

JUNE 29: "Texas Legislature To Launch Investigation of Charter Schools." CBS Dallas-Fort Worth (TX)

JUNE 27: "Who is Fethullah Gulen." FOX News 

JUNE 19: "Some lawmakers have second thoughts about Turkey trips." American-Statesman (TX) **

JUNE 14: "Turkey's Elections and Strained U.S. Relations." Geopolitical Weekly.

JUNE 7: "Turkish charter operators under scrutiny." Arkansas Times (mentions LISA Academy schools)

JUNE 6: "Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas." New York Times

JUNE 3: "Gulen movement's U.S. ride getting tougher." Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey)*

JUNE 1: "The Gulen Movement: A New Islamic World Order?" Christian Broadcasting Network (video)

JUNE 1: “N.M., Turkey get tight as lawmakers get gratis visits.” The New Mexican**

MAY 30: "New Islamic College Connected to Mysterious Turkish Leader." Chicago News Cooperative 

MAY 28: "Return of Islamic College Raises New Questions." New York Times

MAY 24: “What is Islam’s Gulen movement? BBC 

MAY 24: "Islam, Inc." BBC (radio broadcast)

MAY 23: “New Wrinkle in H-1B Fraud: Stealing from the Taxpayers, Not the Workers.” Center for Immigration Studies

MAY 20:  "Feds question schools' visa use." Columbus Dispatch (OH)

MAY 6: "Turkey press freedom under fire." CNN
MAY: "Turkey moves into Africa." Le Monde Diplomatique (all LMD articles tagged "Gulen" are HERE)

APRIL 20: “US ally Turkey flirts with Mideast's 'bad boys'- Some fear the role model for the democracy movements sweeping the region is abandoning its secular roots.” MSNBC (The Gulen movement is not mentioned in this piece, but it is widely known to be behind the rise of the more religiously conservative ruling party.)

APRIL 7: "A dilemma." Hurriyet Daily News (by Andrew Finkel, formerly employed by Zaman; Finkel is interviewed in the 5/6/11 CNN report listed above)

APRIL 6: "Arrested Journalist's Book Claims Turkish Police Infiltrated by Islamic Movement." Speigel International (Germany)

APRIL 4: "The fading masquerade: Ergenekon and the politics of justice in Turkey." The Turkey Analyst (Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Center joint program at Johns Hopkins University)

MARCH 24: "Turkey orders draft copies of journalist's book confiscated amid alleged coup plot probe." Associated Press article appearing in The Canadian Press

MARCH 3: "7 More Journalists Detained in Turkey." New York Times


DECEMBER 21: "Political Heavyweights Linked with Gulen Movement." NIS News Bulletin (English-language Dutch News Service)

DECEMBER 20: "Religious movements in Turkey." OpenDemocracy

DECEMBER 9: "Transnational Religious Nationalism in the New Turkey: The Case of Fethullah Gulen." The Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University event; video presentation

NOVEMBER 10: "The Global Imam - What does the leader of the world's most influential Islamic movement really want?" The New Republic

SEPTEMBER: "Muslim Networks and Movements in Western Europe." Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life (pp. 13-18)

AUGUST 18: "Objectives of charter schools with Turkish ties questioned." USA Today

AUGUST 13: "Turkey: Politics of Identity and Power." by Carol Migdalovitz, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, Congressional Research Service (31 pg. pdf)

MAY 14: "The Gulen movement plays big in Washington." Hurriyet (Turkey)

APRIL 25: "Foreigners fill ranks of local charter school chain." Arizona Daily Star (AZ)


DECEMBER 31: "Hidden Agenda? Parents raise concerns that a Tucson charter school has ties to a Turkish nationalist movement." Tucson Weekly (AZ)

OCTOBER 21: "Rising Islamist movements challenge secularism in Turkey." Worldfocus video, a production of WNET

JULY 17: "Utah charter school's ties to Turkey draw scrutiny." Salt Lake Tribune (UT)

JULY 11: "How do the Gulenists change the rules?" (2) Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey)

JULY 6: "What do the Gulenists want to accomplish? (1)" Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey)

JUNE 17: "The Gulen Movement." Center for Strategic & International Studies event w/Yuksel Alp Aslandogan; audio presentation (Washington D.C.)

APRIL 26: "Turkish schools coming under increasing scrutiny in Central Asia." Radio Free Europe/Radio

FEBRUARY: "Gulen Movement: Turkey's Third Power." Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst (361K pdf) @


2008: "The Rise of Political Islam in Turkey." RAND Corporation

MARCH 17: "Turkey's Survival of the Fittest: The Islamic Anti-Darwinism Movement in Turkey is Being Helped by an Unlikely Source - US Christian Conservatives." Spero News

* NOTE: *Hurriyet Daily News is an English-language Turkish newspaper not associated with the Gulen movement.  Today's Zaman is an English-language Turkish newspaper which is definitely associated with the Gulen movement.

** NOTE: The NY Times article on 6/6/2011 was instrumental in bringing the activities of the Gulen movement onto the radar of TX politicians. It was then that they started to catch on that the "free" guided trips they've been given over the years were sponsored by the Gulen movement. The article about the politicians in New Mexico demonstrates the typical lack of awareness.