Charter school studies, reports

============= 2012 =============
JANUARY: Better Research Needed on the Impact of Charter Schools
FEBRUARY: Charter school expansion has led to more segregation
MARCH: Improbable test scores twice as likely to appear in charter schools
APRIL: High turnover for New York City’s charter school principals
MAY: Schools operated by major CMOs generally spend more than surrounding public schools
SEPTEMBER: Fitch Ratings 'Charter School Rating Criteria: Exposure Draft' & anticipated negative effect
NOVEMBER: U.S. Department of Education Office of Innovation's failure to monitor federal spending
NOVEMBER: California Department of Education's failure to properly monitor charter schools' compliance

============= 2011 =============
JANUARY: Don't serve poorest kids: New York City charter schools
FEBRUARY: Low academic performance at Missouri charter schools
MARCH: High student attrition at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) schools

============= 2010 =============
JANUARY: Charter schools movement “a civil rights failure”: UCLA Civil Rights Project study
MARCH: Office of the Inspector General report: Charter School Vulnerabilities
JUNE: Charter schools show no significant overall impacts on achievement: Mathematica study
JULY: Concerning practices at New Mexico charter schools
AUGUST: Financial deficits at Chicago charter schools
SEPTEMBER: National governance standards fall short with Ohio charter authorizers
OCTOBER: Regular schools top charters at New York City’s charter schools
OCTOBER: Low academic performance at Kansas City (MO) charter schools
NOVEMBER: Public and charters show same passing rates at Newark (NJ) charter schools

============= 2009 =============
JUNE: Majority of charter schools not following basic financial guidelines: Minnesota 2020 study
JUNE: Serious quality challenge in national charter school sector: Stanford CREDO study

============= 2008 =============
SEPTEMBER: High student attrition at Bay Area KIPP schools