Indiana Math and Science Academy

NOTE: The Indiana Math and Science Academy has been identified as a Gulen charter school.

Indiana has two known Gulen schools; both are in Indianapolis.


Indiana Math and Science Academy West was originally called IMSA – Indianapolis. It opened in 2007 and was authorized by Ball State University.

Indiana Math and Science Academy – North is due to open fall 2010 (press release HERE) and was authorized by the Mayor of Indianapolis Charter Schools Office ( explains this is “the only mayor's office in the country granted the power to authorize charter schools by the state charter law.”)

In the original application, this school was called IMSA – East. Click HERE to view the document.

These schools entered into contractual agreement with Concept Schools for their management. Concept Schools was started by Turkish educators, and has recently expanded to become Concept Schools International and is opening up a school in Al Ain, the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates.


This is the founding group for IMSA – North:

1. Bilal Eksili: Executive Director of the Holy Dove Foundation in Indianapolis (“…a Muslim organization inspired by Fethullah Gülen's teachings…” ; former Community Outreach Director for the Niagara Foundation in Chicago (an organization with Fetullah Gulen as its “honorary president”); former manager of ANT Travel and Tours (“…the innovative approach for travel in Turkey…”)

2. Kazim Eldes: Indiana Regional Vice-President of Concept Schools; former principal of IMSA, Contact person and tour guide for Holy Dove Foundation trip in 2005.

[NOTE: The 2007 Form 990 for the Holy Dove Foundation Inc (EIN 203698256) lists three officers: Kazim Eldes, Numan Koca, and Turgak Faki. Bilal Eksili is listed as a manager.]

3. M. Murat Dundar: Assistant Professor, Computer & Information Science Department, Purdue University, School of Informatics, Indiana University

4. G. John Aytekin (AKA Gulpekin Aytekin, sometimes spelled “Gultekin”): Former teacher at Wisconsin Career Academy and Horizon Science Academy, Columbus (OH). WCA and HSA schools are Gulen schools.

5. Salim Ucan: Vice President of Concept Schools, Inc.; founding principal of Chicago Math and Science Academy; former principal of Science Academy of Chicago; former teacher at HSA Cleveland. Each of those institutions are Gulen schools.

6. Tim Nation: Executive Director of the Peace Learning Center. From the Gulenist Web site Hizmet Movement: “…Executive Director Tim Nation says Gulen’s work to promote interfaith dialogue and community service makes him an excellent peacemaker… I would like to thank Fethullah Gulen for inspiring on educating people to reach out to people of other faiths and other backgrounds because if we don’t go outside of our community and we don’t go outside of our religion that’s were the problems come. It is so much easier to have an enemy that you don’t know than enemy who you do know.’”

7. Jeanette Kay Moody: Founder of Literacy for Life, LLC; Kay Moody wrote the following:

“At the age of fifteen, our son, Henry lived in Istanbul, Turkey, for a year as an exchange student. Later he majored in Turkish studies in college. While living in Turkey, Henry stayed with a family who had a son, Mustafa… Our family went to our Turkish son’s wedding and met his parents and his beautiful bride.”

8. Kent Millard: Senior pastor at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church; two grandchildren attend IMSA; traveled to Turkey twice on Holy Dove Foundation hosted trips. Photos show Bilal accompanying the 2010 trip. Kazim Eldes was the tour leader of the 2005 trip. The Holy Dove Foundation paid for all expenses of the guests, except airfare.

9. Linda Pratt: VP for Development and Membership of the Indiana Historical Society; member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church; traveled to Turkey on the 2005 Holy Dove Foundation hosted trip guided by Kazim Eldes.

10. Nancy Spohn: Member of St. Luke’s Methodist church; traveled to Turkey on the 2005 Holy Dove Foundation hosted trip guided by Kazim Eldes.

11. Patricia A. Bacon: HR person @ ExactHire; member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Read about the American enablers HERE.

Read about Concept Schools HERE.


The 2007 Form 990 for Indiana Math and Science Academy Indianapolis Inc (EIN 205751308, ruling date 2007) shows that Millard is president, Moody is VP, Numan Koca (Holy Dove Foundation board member) is treasurer, Bacon is secretary; Pratt, Nation and Spohn are the remaining members. The form is signed by John Aytekin. This listing is atypical of most Gulen schools because of the number of non-Turkish members.

NCCS also lists an Indiana Math and Science Academy Gary Inc (205751288, ruling date 2007), but no 990s are posted.


H1B visas applications for Indiana Math and Science Academy-Indianapolis Inc
2007 – 2
2008 – 4
2009 – 11

Three year total for one school (remembering that IMSA - North does not open until fall 2010) – 17
Number denied – 2

Evidence of the affiliation between the Gulen Movement and the Indiana Math and Science Academy is found HERE.


Anonymous said...


Rachael said...

My son attends this school and I have to say it has been amazing! He is learning so much, and I know he is safe while there! This is America, we have the right to believe what we want to - freedom, it's what this country was built off of. If they are good educators, it doesn't matter what they may believe. If foreigners enter the country legally, why does it matter? We all have the RIGHT to try to make a better life for ourselves and pursue personal success. Great staff, teacher's, and students... I have met with My Aytekin myself regarding this, and he is a good man - very forthcoming regarding any info you desire!

The Perimeter Primate said...

I do not believe that a parent left the comment above. Having read dozens and dozens and dozens of such laudatory remarks supposedly left by "parents" in places such as comment boards and GreatSchool reviews, I have come to the conclusion that the majority have been left by the Gulenists themselves. The brushes painting the comments have been dipped in the same can of paint.

The ones written by parents, even if laudatory, will each have a unique tone and perspective; they have an authenticity which the other cookie cutter comments do not.

And these are not the types of phrases a typical parent would utter:
"If they are good educators, it doesn't matter what they may believe."
"If foreigners enter the country legally, why does it matter?"

Those responses are the common Gulenist defensive rebuttal to the issues now being raised about these schools, namely their unquestionable ties to the Gulen Movement and the high numbers of Gulenists that the schools are importing as teachers.

Another place where the tone is identical from place to place is in the local newspaper accounts for when a school is opening. As others have reminded us, the Gulenists pay for an account w/PR Newswire which they take full advantage of for disseminating press releases about their schools. The content and tone of these press releases is also cookie cutter.

Naive and lazy local reporters just copy and paste the content of these press releases into their articles, then add a few quotes from the Gulenist principals, and voila their work is done!

The Perimeter Primate said...

The Gulenists are known to adopt false identities for comment posting. You can see one get outed here in an article about a new school in Georgia.

Before Gitano's identity was revealed as Hakan of the Gulenist Niagara Foundation in Chicago, he said to one of the posters: "No one forces you to send your kid(s) to this school. If there is any problem with the founders and the legal foreign teachers of FSA, our country has the top police officers, prosecutors and FBI personnel capable of taking care of them. You are completely out of line by creating an atmosphere that may confuse parents’ minds. This is a country believes in the freedom of choice. If people are happy with education of FSA or the other charters, how dare you spend your hours in front of your computer and tell goofy stories about charter schools created by your xenophobic mind. You dedicate yourself to find stories in different online blogs and manipulate the articles or blogs. Keep your hands off of that keyboard of yours. Do something valuable for yourself. Surf the web and visit the bigoted and intolerant and parochial web sites. Why don’t you do that?"

And you can read how one who calls himself "William Pack" completely unravels here:

"William Pack"'s first (of 35 out of 170) comment is: "As a nation, we need to increase the number of those high-achieving schools. Instead of chasing bogus stuff published in certain free blogs, where the quasi-authors hide their identity, I would always personally follow reliable sources such as "Texas Monthly" and "Texas Tribune". That is why I believe the authenticity of those articles and I consider Harmony Public Schools exceptionally successful. Keep up the good work folks!"





"Our Kemalist BROTHERS ARE WORKING HARD" (Uttered by Maria Stinson today)



As you can see, what was originally a relatively simple defense of a charter school evolves into an entirely different thing altogether. Read these things for yourself.

Rachael said...

I am a parent, you are more than welcome to contact me to verify. My email is, email me and I'll give you my phone number.

How convenient, anything good people have to say about the school is being made by someone from the organization.

This is America, I currently serve in the US Navy, have served for over 9 years, I believe in the basic freedoms we should each be provided and are entitled to. Prejudice is just ugly.

The Perimeter Primate said...

@ Racheal: Since you have these insights into the Gulen Movement's schools, perhaps you can enlighten us as to why the operators of these schools refuse to publicly reveal their consistent and strong connections to Fethullah Gulen's educational philosophy and to other Gulenists and Gulenist organzations?

In the case of Concept Schools, Inc. (operating IMSA) you can learn about those connections here:

Waldorf schools, another educational model, always reveal their connections to the Waldorf philosophy.

And congratulations on being in the Navy and believing in freedom. We're a retired USNR family ourselves.

I am not convinced that you have fully informed yourself about the Gulen Movement, and suspect you are in denial. Imposing intentional ignorance on oneself is just ugly.

Here is a site which describes the different types of American enablers. Consider the possibility that you are in category #5.

Anonymous said...

The school is bugged. They spy on staff. They know that we know. They will do anything to hide their secret agenda and enjoy their massive income generated from tax free USD. It sounds like a bad film. Immigration needs to tighten up. These are politicians not educators. They can't even adequately evaluate or lead the staff. Mr. A is a poor leader- maybe top notch in his country. No one wants to go to Turkey- the bulletin boards are everywhere.

The Perimeter Primate said...

Thank you, Anonymous. If you're ever inclined, write to me directly at

Rachael said...

I just checked back here or else I would have responded early. First off thank you for your service!

Secondly, you sound just a bit paranoid. I have seen great results from the school. To me it just doesn't matter what they believe, religion is a personal choice. I have asked my son numerous times if they speak about religion and they don't.

I think if you are searching for bad, you will no doubt find it. There is bad in every religion, business, school - no matter what it is, if your looking for it, that is all you will see.

You say all this about what they believe and how they deny it, but what is the agenda? What is their master plan? The educational system in America has its flaws, and if another country's school can provide a better way, whats wrong with giving it a try? Even then, it is the parents decision to enroll in that school. Do you know what the alternative is to that school? In that area its failing school districts.

It all sounds so conspiracy theory to me. I will however say I am not familiar with the detailed day to day operations of the entire place - but neither do you. No one can come here and say this school does this or that, or teaches this or that about the Gulen movement.

As for why they don't advertise it, why would they when subject to the prejudice you encourage. It has no place in education. I cannot look at my son and teach him to give everyone a fair and equal chance, to not judge anyone by the way they look, or religion they practice, then turn around and be prejudice. Do you see the hypocrisy?

I think thats a big problem in America, we are so willing to hate our neighbor. So willing to start a fight with people we know nothing about. Have you ever met any of these people you are attacking, and saw them for the human they are? Its unfair to label a whole entire group based of some bias facts and quotes you put together.

I believe also though, in free speech. If you want to spend your time trying to foster hate in others like you have in yourself it is your right.

The Perimeter Primate said...

More reviews of the school @

March 10, 2010
This is the worst school ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad people never get in trouble!!! They suspend people for no reason!!! I do not, I repeat do not recomend you to go there, ohh..I almost forgot! There food is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IPS food is way better than the crap they give us there!!! That is all!
—Submitted by a student


May 5, 2010
This is the worst school that my children have ever attended. The administration forgot that a school shouldn't be ran like a MILITARY BOOT CAMP FOR JUVENILE OFFENDERS! Children are subject to rules constantly changing with the wind. The suspension rate in this school should be investigated. I guarantee there aren't many parents who will keep their students in this school for more than (1) year. The poor attendance is due to students being suspended for up to 10 days for ARGUING. Not fighting but arguing? A 10 day suspension? Absolutely, unacceptable!
—Submitted by a parent

Ain't the internet fun???

Anonymous said...

They do a really good job of making it sound great. There is a lot of information that is not share. People are lead to believe it is a GREAT school, but if you were to really look are they are not doing anything different from the public schools the students came from. It is called Indiana Math and Science Academy, but there is nothing special about the Math or Sciene materials being used.
The school lacks a strong leader. Administration does spy on the staff. There is no trust and opinions are not valued.

Anonymous said...

I have had the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER with INDIANA MATH AND SCIENCE ACADEMY. This school is simply AWFUL - from the Concept Schools Management all the way down to some of the teachers. The PRINCIPAL has absolutely NO LEADERSHIP SKIILS. The TRANSPORTATION situation has been A MESS since the first day of school and he doesn't have the guts to fix it. In fact, just a few weeks ago, he authorized early dismissal and didn't notify the parents that the school buses would be arriving early. The bus driver just LEFT MY KID IN A SAM'S CLUB PARKING LOT ALONE! The school has NO TECHNOLOGY and EXTREMELY LIMITED RESOURCES in other areas that students need to be properly prepared for their futures. Not only that, but the SCHOOL WON'T COMPLY WITH LAWS REQUIRING THEM TO PROVIDE SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL LEARNING NEEDS. The excuse that I received was that the principal won't approve the expense. The DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! And rather than address it with the students causing the problems, ENTIRE CLASSES OF STUDENTS are regularly (at least once a week) THREATENED WITH SUSPENSION. I can hardly wait for the school year to end. We're outta IMSA!

Anonymous said...

This school has the potential to be great if it were run on sincere intentions. The principal of the North school lacks valid teaching or admin credentials. He knows nothing about instruction or supporting teachers who need it. There is zero collaboration and it is very dictatorship-like. They bring in new Turkish employees without as much as an introduction to other staff. Their positions and duties change and I'm sure pay too-while the others do not. I believe they think we are dumb, which we aren't, yet again we are for allowing this to happen in our country. They lack compliance in many areas down to testing, credentials, etc. Probably why they sought accredidation from the mayor and not ball state. And then there's Gulen with his very disturbing viewpoints that they openly admitted they follow verbally (at least Ucan did)......I am willing to speak.

Rachael said...

I am speaking specifically on the IMSA North, I know nothing of IMSA West and everyone's experience is different. I do not claim to know any of the inner workings or politics that go on, so I will offer no defense there.

I myself have seen things I am not pleased with, and I have seen things I love about it. I don't think as parents we will ever find perfect.

My main point is that its wrong to be prejudice based on religion. That would be like saying all Muslims are terrorists because some take it to the extreme. If you have valid, personal concerns with the school they should be addressed. You, me, everyone - we can say whatever it is we want. We can create sites like this, try to induce hate and fear in others.... Just don't forget what it took to get us here.

All things said I respect your opinions, and if your specific accusations are true, then you have every right to be upset.

Either way, my experience has been mostly positive, either way next year I will be moving up North and my son attending a different school. To all the parents out there searching for a quality education, and making the hard decisions, I wish you the best!

The Perimeter Primate said...


More and more will be coming out in mainstream media about what the Gulen movement has been doing in the U.S.

Americans have a right to know that members of this secretive, cult-like religion are running these charter schools with their tax dollars. The school operators have not been honest and upfront.

Here are more details about the Indiana Gulen charter schools by someone in Indiana. The piece talks about the federal investigation as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Perimeterprimate, I'm robertmike57 doing YT videos about Gulen, the west school will be my next vid. No shortage of videos and pictures of those Turks sucking up to Mayor Ballard ect., got INDOE stats about West school, it sucks. thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I sure wish that I had read this blog before enrolling my son in IMSA west last year. I even applied for a job there last year, I guess here is where I can do a little shout and thank GOD for yet antother small favor.

I have many Pros and Cons pertaining to IMSA-West but I can honestly say that I was satisfied with my sons expereience about 70%.

It was my choice to place my son there so with that choice I had to realize that what was the norm in a traditional setting was not the same for IMSA.

I feel that Dr. Unlu need to be referred to as the Director of the school and NOT the principal. Yes, he is a very intelligent man but he is clueless when it comes to dealing with daily school operations and his very THINK turkish accent does not carry over well in an urban environment. Parents will shut you down when they can not communicate with you.

My son ran into a variety of issues with transitioning. I being an educator had to tell others how to do their job(s) (I need a stipend , please and thank you) Many of the teachers either were 1st year teachers or transitioning into teaching from other career fields.

I am not concerned with religious background of the leaders as long as they are not brainwashing my son or forcing thier beliefs onto my son. I am pleased with his test scores and overall academic achievement. As I stated earlier, I am an educator and I am thankful of the freedom I have to take my child to a different school and not be forced to take him to the school in my neighborhood.

I live in a district where the supt. retired with a one million dollar retirement package and many lost jobs due to budget cuts. Traditional schools are full of scandals as well.

Marissa said...

Being a student from this school, Only ignorant people would choose to shun a person for their accent. If your child got in trouble during the reign of Dean Terrell, it was most likely for their own reasons. The school is not corrupt and the learning enviorment is way better than IPS. You all need to realize that your children are not always right. See it from the eyes of a student. Every school has flaws, but accents, backgrounds, and religion. Grow up people. If I'm a 14 year old student telling grown adults this than this society has shamed the world. I am and will be taught by the smartest intellectuals in the area. Oh and people, are you so scared of muslims that are nice to your kids, and make amazing food? Every religion has extremists, so shut up and realize that a christian extremist is just as scary. Women, enjoy those pants your wearing.

Anonymous said...

My son has been attending IMSA North and my neighbor's kids to IMSA West. Very honestly, we have been pleased the test results and the outcomes. I do not think it is fair that you guys jump the conclusion. Regardless of nation of origin or religion, the principals are doing well (what my wife and I hear from your neighbor). Of course, they are strict and keep the discipline well. We are thankful.
Starla and Mike

Young Sinatra said...

I'm a student from IMSA a junior who will be a senior in the fall, I have been attending the school since the very beginning in 2007 and I plan to graduate, now I will tell you the truth about imsa I choose to stay here because I am comfortable with it however the discipline is ridiculous because students are suspended for minor infractions such as having an un-tucked shirt, being late to school, not class but school in general, and for not having a writing utensil in class. last year a majority of our teachers were released and they brought in fresh teachers who had just graduated these teachers however have proven to be excellent, our dean Mr terrel was previously released for an incident regarding another student however he was re-hired two years later. The dean is egotistical even going as far as to tell me that I had succumb to racial stere-types for being a black male with a smile on my face. Many of the teachers do not have teaching liscences and it is true that whenever a teacher leaves abrupdtly they are immediately replaced by the spouse of either an administrator or another teacher of turkish decent. their are teachers at this school who no longer seem to care about the students and that is sad but for every bad teacher there is an excellent one. the student marissa who commented on this post is an aquaintence of mine and shortly after posting her comment she LEFT the shcool. the "Guidance counceler pulls students from their respective classrooms to have them find forums like this one and leave falsified positive remarks about the school I'm an average student in mathematics subjects however I excel in everything else. They do have camera's in every corner of the hallways and in classrooms as far as the rooms being bugged Im unaware of any occurences however it is very possible. Mr warren terrel does behave like a dictator he shows complete and utter disrespect for both students and class snapping his fingers at teachers to get their attention and then summoning them as if they were animals language courses offered are turkish and spanish and as a student who spent all of my highschool career taking turkish class i must admit that there is no lesson plan we are given cookie cutter packages of work printed from the same books as every grade level and performing well does not alter your grade. The lunch is horrible from the food to the lunch period. we stand in long lines for food that tastes bad and is delivered in poor quality the school has had roach infestations as well as gnat infestations there were cockroaches found inside the milk cooler and the food isn't fully cooked a hamburger should not be pink and neither should a chicken and even if the food was adequate we are only given 15 minutes for a lunch period. students can be suspended for going threw the wrong door. As far as Mr Ayetekin, while he was our schools director he was an excellent leader from a students perspective however i can not accurately comment on his leadership skills from a staff member standpoint. the Bathroom doors were removed because in early years fighting occurred in the bathrooms. Many of the students have a less than pleasurable experience and usually leave after the first year many leave in the first semester as previously stated i have continued to attend because I'm comfortable with the situation this is only because I know how to deal with it as i have been attending the school for so long its almost as if I have a sort of tenure newer students however are not as fortunate as I if you have any question feel free to leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible

The Perimeter Primate said...

Thank you for sharing this information, Young Sinatra. It is interesting to hear specific details about one of the Gulen charter schools.

Part of the management model seen at this chain of charter schools is producing high teacher turnover. There are a number of accounts of teachers being let go after 2-3 years, including shocked teachers who have always been given excellent evaluations. This tactic keeps the Gulenists in authoritarian control.

Have you found that the administration favors or encourages Turkish over Spanish? Have you ever gone to one of the regional Turkish contests and what was that like? Does anyone ever think the strong Turkish flavor at the school is odd?

Is there ever any gossip or open discussion about the school's connection to the Gulen Movement? Feel free to write to me at if you'd like to share more information but not on this public comment board.

And if you'd like to learn more about the Gulen Movement and its activities in your state, I recommend the following:

The Perimeter Primate said...

This article is about a charter school administrator named Warren Terrell.

"Anderson school leader out after bullying complaint." 5/21/2012

"ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) - A charter school in Anderson has let its headmaster go after complaints that he failed to act on bullying reports, 24-Hour News 8 news partner The Herald Bulletin reports.

Robert Guillaume, commandant at Anderson Preparatory School, said the charter school decided not to review Headmaster Warren Terrell’s contract, but he did not give a reason.

But Jyll Humes, mother of a 13-year-old student at the academy, told the newspaper that Terrell didn’t take allegations of bullying seriously. She said she had to admit her son to a mental health treatment center due to what she said was continued bullying. She said Terrell placed blame on her son, rather than the girls she said were bullying him..."

Anonymous said...

We have had a horrible experience at IMSA South. We are leaving and going back to IPS. I thought I was doing a good thing by enrolling my children in this school. We loved the teachers. The "Dean" is a bully and the vice principle didn't even help us out with a situation that we felt was urgent.
I do believe this school has non professionals in their staff.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My kid is one of those being suspended for ridiculous reasons yet he's coming home with brand new swear words when he is *allowed* to attend class. Even his teacher is upset. He's been suspended the times in two months Missing a total of ten days. Did i mention HE'S IN KINDERGARTEN!